Create A Travels Website Using HTML & Google Map Location

You want to Create a website for your your business, for your grow profits, I tell website is a very easy, you can create your own, WordPress is also a easy platform but i suggest you to learn HTML first make and install into live server. This is very useful to beginner.

Travels Website Using HTML Functions i show you how create and Google Location Map for your website, I show make website design easy, This is very basic html travels design very basics, and start learn and making your own website design.

First Steps:

→ Download Free html Template and live preview.

Live Preview Download Free

Second Steps:

→ After download template for free and then open and extract, then go to local host and past it full folder inside local computer Drive → C:→\xampp→\→htdocs→\ Paste it here..

Third Steps:

→ Open Chrome browser type url →localhost/→ Folder name and then enter, show full website to your localhost (Local computer).


Fourth Steps:

→ You can change manually simple text copy and find and edit than you can go on chrome browser and check text can change successful.

Thanks I can make a video for demo watch and comments me any doubt or any advice, Thanks You Friends. hope you can create your first web page.

Live Demo:


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