Edit Powered by WordPress Footer No Plugin

Millions of themes to provide free to use framework skins, we can install theme after try to edit footer text Powered by WordPress, some theme is allow to edit check into Appearance → Customize and some have no option to edit footer text.

In this article, we will show you how to remove the powered by WordPress footer links in your themes without plugin.


Default WordPress themes use the footer area to display the “Proudly powered by WordPress” link. Many theme developers take this further and add their own credits, so it looks something like “Powered by WordPress. Theme by Company XYZ”.

Is it legal to remove WordPress footer credit links?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to remove footer credits link on your WordPress site. You can do with free themes. WordPress is free, and it is released under the GPL license.

Start to edit footer credit links

You can edit footer credit links easy,

→ First step

Go to your local computer where you can install WordPress application, there is a folder name ‘wp-content’.

→ Second step

Now you enter ‘wp-content’ folder there is three more folder, you can select ‘themes’ folder and enter inside folder.

→ Third steps

Inside ‘themes’ folder install all the themes you can install on WordPress, now enter your theme you can select for your WordPress skin (themes),

→ Fourth step

There is all list of your theme install, ok now enter folder theme currently installed. if you don’t no which theme you can chose, go to your localhost login → Appearance → Themes → Twenty Sixteen.


→ Fifth step

Now activate theme name is Twenty Sixteen, now inside folder find file name footer.php. go your local browser bottom where footer link like.


inspect footer credit link, simple you can right click mouse, option list appear at last option Inspect, click and find there ‘site-info’ inside main div class copy, now go WordPress folder find  inside theme activate folder ‘inc →  template-tags.php.

→ Sixth step

Simple find on notepad or text editor Ctrl+f and past on it you can visually find the code of footer credits now you can change edit or remove as your requirement.


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