How Add a Missing Place Location to the Google Map – Computer

→ Open Google Maps

→ Doing so will open the google map.

→ In the top left, search your location, you can verify one more time to exact location.


→ Then click on missing place you can add your location.

→ Now this show location icon indicate you to exact location you can add your place.


→ Go to right side menu icon click on it and find Add a mission place click on it.


→ If you not login to gmail, this step redirect to gmail login page or,

→ Popup form fill your business, house name details. Second field Category select for best matching,

→ all field is not required and then click on Send.

→ You can successfully add your missing place, it takes time to approve maximum 24 hour.

→ Approve your location get email from Google Map.

Live Demo:


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