HTML Form Validation Easy Learn First Simple Codes

Many of million of answers to form validation, this is very easy to create and validate, you can learn easy no mode codes request simply type one word you can change into form validation easy.

This is a HTML basic form


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This is a HTML basic form code

Simple validation field very basic less coding

Inside this input type text mean the input type both text and number.

You can see the second field name Enter Your Contact Number when you can type text eg.(a,b,c,d,or any) not show because this field type is number that means input only number no other text can input.

This is the simplest way to validate email, most easy and working short term codes, you can change type=”email” this can validate like @ and after three letters evaluate dot (.) no more coding request this is the basic.

The same validate on Enter Date field, you can display only date on this field simply you can edit type=”date” it will function to this particular input field generate calendar easily select date you wand like your birth date, arriving date, departure date or etc.


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